Part Upgrade & XMP Policy

Component Upgrade Policy

Commitment to Order Accuracy:

Apex Gaming PCs strives to fulfill every order with the precise configuration specified by our customers. However, fluctuations in part availability may occasionally impact our ability to provide certain components without delay. To mitigate potential delays and maintain our commitment to timely delivery, Apex Gaming PCs reserves the right to upgrade components in customer PCs at no additional charge. Our priority is to ensure that any modifications enhance the performance and value of your PC.

Upgrade Assurance:

We guarantee that any alterations made to your configuration will constitute an upgrade, rather than a lateral move or downgrade. If you believe that a change made to your PC does not meet this standard, please contact Apex Gaming PCs within 14 days of delivery. We will promptly address your concerns by offering a rebate or an alternative component replacement.

Please note that the eligibility for free upgrades is contingent upon specific criteria, and not all orders experiencing delays will qualify for this courtesy.

Examples of Upgrades:

  • An order for an RTX 3070 may be upgraded to an RTX 3070 Ti
  • An order for 3200 MHz RAM may be upgraded to 4000 MHz RAM
  • An order for a 120MM AIO (All-In-One) cooler may be upgraded to a 360MM AIO cooler

By purchasing from Apex Gaming PCs, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) Policy

RAM Speed Delivery Opening:

Apex Gaming PCs ensures that all RAM provided is capable of achieving the advertised speed at the time of purchase. It should be noted that certain PC configurations might not support the RAM running at its maximum advertised speed. Apex Gaming PCs ships all computers with RAM set to the highest stable speed achievable under the given configuration.

Customers are encouraged to verify the RAM speed of their PC by checking the physical sticker on the RAM stick against the speed displayed in the BIOS or Task Manager. If discrepancies arise, it indicates a mismatch between the purchased and the provided RAM speed.

All Apex Gaming PCs capable of utilizing XMP will have the XMP profile enabled to optimize performance.


Apex Gaming PCs is committed to delivering high-quality performance components, including RAM that meets or exceeds the speeds advertised at the time of purchase. It is important to note, however, that due to the wide variety of hardware configurations and specific system requirements, some PCs may not achieve the RAM's advertised maximum speed. To address this, Apex Gaming PCs configures each computer to operate at the highest stable RAM speed supported by the specific configuration.

RAM Speed Verification:

We encourage our customers to verify the speed of the RAM included in their PC. This can be done by comparing the speed indicated on the physical sticker of the RAM stick against the speed displayed in the system's BIOS or Task Manager. This step ensures that you have received RAM that is capable of the performance speed you purchased.

XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) Configuration:

For systems capable of utilizing Intel's Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) technology, Apex Gaming PCs enables the XMP profile by default. This feature is designed to optimize RAM performance by allowing it to run at speeds higher than the standard JEDEC specifications, where the system configuration supports such enhancements.

By implementing these policies, Apex Gaming PCs aims to ensure that customers receive the best possible performance from their systems, while also providing transparency and support for optimizing RAM speed within the technical constraints of individual PC configurations.

Overclocking Policy

Availability of Overclocking Services:

Apex Gaming PCs offers overclocking services for all its gaming PCs, enhancing performance beyond standard specifications. The capability for overclocking, whether it be the CPU, GPU, or both, is determined by the selected configuration. Our team ensures that any overclocking applied is stable and enhances the gaming experience without compromising system integrity.

Customers opting for overclocking services should be aware that the extent of overclocking available is configuration-dependent, with some systems supporting only CPU or GPU overclocking, while others may accommodate both.